Basel Peace Forum: Rethinking peace – Innovating the future

In Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq, wars and armed conflicts dominate people‘s everyday lives. The negative effects on them are devastating. The consequences of these conflicts are streams of refugees, people in need, terrorism, and global insecurity. Since the end of the Cold War, the United Nations, the European Union, individual states like Switzerland, as well as companies and NGOs have done a great deal to promote peace. Over the years, though, there have been repeated setbacks and previous successes keep being challenged by the latest developments. Now more than ever seems to be the time to reflect on our peacebuilding efforts so far and rethink our ideas. The Basel Peace Forum, which will be taking place for the second time from January 14-15, 2018 at the Messe Basel exhibition center, will address these challenges and provide a forum for rethinking our existing mechanisms and developing innovative and contemporary approaches to peace.


The Basel Peace Forum is pioneering in its nature. It is the first forum in the world to address the subject of peace at the highest level and in an interdisciplinary way.

This second Basel Peace Forum will lay the foundations for future years, and expanding it in such a way that it achieves global importance and reach. The stimulus that comes from the Basel Peace Forum should bring about specific action from all kinds of organizations.

Patrons Committee

A broadly-based Patrons Committee supports the Basel Peace Forum. It is made up of experienced and high-caliber personalities from the Basel area.
  • Anita Fetz sw

    Anita Fetz

    Member of the Swiss Council of States for the canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Claude Janiak sw

    Dr. Claude Janiak

    Member of the Swiss Council of States for the canton of Basel-Landschaft
  • Sam Keller sw

    Sam Keller

    Director of the Fondation Beyeler
  • Guy Morin sw

    Dr. Guy Morin

    President of the Executive Council of the canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Rene Rhinow sw

    Prof. Dr. René Rhinow

    Professor Emeritus for public law at the University of Basel
  • Jenoe Staehelin sw

    Dr. Jenö Staehelin

    Former Swiss ambassador to the United Nations
  • Thomas Weber sw

    Thomas Weber

    President of the Executive Council of the canton of Basel-Landschaft
  • Beatrice Weder di Mauro sw

    Prof. Dr. Beatrice Weder di Mauro

    Member of the Board of Directors of UBS


The Basel Peace Forum is being organized and conducted by swisspeace. The institute, which is associated with the University of Basel, has more than 25 years of experience in innovating peacebuilding.

swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research institute. It analyzes violent conflicts and develops strategies for their peaceful transformation. swisspeace aims to contribute to the improvement of conflict prevention and conflict transformation by producing innovative research, shaping discourses on international peace policy, developing and applying new peacebuilding tools and methodologies, supporting and advising other peace actors, as well as by providing and facilitating spaces for analysis, discussion, critical reflection and learning.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board, chaired by Eric Sarasin, serves as a strategic support committee to the Basel Peace Forum.
  • Sidonia Gabriel Basel Peace Forum

    Sidonia Gabriel

    Head of the Policy & Platform Program at swisspeace
  • Laurent Goetschel Basel Peace Forum

    Laurent Goetschel

    Director of swisspeace and Professor at the University of Basel
  • Markus Ritter

    Deputy Secretary General, President‘s Department of the canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Eric Sarasin Basel Peace Forum

    Eric Sarasin

    Chairman of the advisory board of the Basel Peace Forum and member of the board of swisspeace
  • Jonas Scharf Basel Peace Forum

    Jonas Scharf

    Managing Director of the Congress Center Basel


The Basel Peace Forum partners with the following organizations
The Basel Peace Forum is supported financially by the following organizations and further private donors


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Information for media

Media release of the 16.01.17: Basel Peace Forum calls for responsive and responsible leadership for peace

Medienmitteilung vom 16.01.17: Basel Peace Forum fordert anpassungsfähige und verantwortungsvolle Führung für Frieden

Media release of the 21.12.16: Basel Peace Forum is rethinking peace

Medienmitteilung vom 21.12.16: Basel Peace Forum denkt Frieden neu

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